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If only i was someone more fun to be with…

"S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day)"

I feel that I should tell ya
A warning to prepare you
About this song, it’s when love goes wrong, but I’ll carry on

I gotta keep it real
Of how I really feel
About this day, I don’t want it to stay, so please go away

When cupid aimed his arrow at me
He missed by a 100,000 feet

This ain’t a song about love, it’s the actually opposite I’m thinkin’ of
I don’t care about the cards, or candy hearts, oh no no no I’ll tell you right from the start
Oh, reminds of how I don’t have a date, the 14th of February gets in the
way cause for me, It’s Single Awareness Day

With all the red and pink
It’s just so hard to think
Oh why should I care, about what I should wear, for nobody who’s there

I need love,
I need you 
I need some one to hold me too

I need love
It’s so true
I need ya to say I love you


S.A.D No valentine for me
And Imma be alright if you could only see
That today’s just a day and if it’s meant to be 
There’s always next year, just wait and see


"Not only for kids." =)

I love the feeling when the person you’re smiling at is smiling right back at you. =)

Ang akala ko dati, ang pagiging masaya para sarili ay ok na. Pero mas ok pala pag masaya ka sa piling niya. =)

Imagine a world without music… Dull, isn’t it? Good thing I know how to make music. Cuz, when the time comes that you would feel dull… I’ll sing you a song to make you feel better.

"Go finish your day doing things you want to do cuz’ by the end of the day, you feel unsatisfied if you don’t."

"Summer" & "Class" ay di dapat samahin.